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A new standard in air filtration is now setting even higher standards than ever before with CarboAir Inline filters. They’re designed so you can mount your filter outside your grow room. If space is tight, you can simply duct the air out of your grow room and into your inline filter to scrub the odours, so your fan and filter no longer need to be inside the growing environment!


Inline filters are also really good at reducing sound from your duct work, silencing the air noise from your fans. Use in conjunction with the Revolution Vector Silenced EC Extraction Fan and Phonic Trap Ducting for the ultimate in sound attenuation.


Virgin Activated Granular Carbon

The carbon used has been tailor-made for CarboAir to extract odour from air and work in unison with our fine zinc mesh body. Our virgin carbon is activated at temperatures above 1000°C in a humid environment. The process opens the pores of the carbon to give it incredibly high absorption properties of organic particles and other airborne pollutants. The carbon is produced to very high standards in Europe, unlike Chinese filters which often contain cheaper blends and risk water contamination during shipping.


Filter Housing

Global Air Supplies use an industrial galvanised steel filter casing with a fine mesh. The filter mesh is 55.5% open for the best air flow through the filter. CarboAir filters have better flow rates, enabling the use of a thicker carbon bed compared to other carbon filters, meaning the air gets scrubbed clean of all impurities. The filter meshes are so fine, an internal nylon mesh that slows air flow is not required to contain the carbon, unlike competitor brands.


CarboAir offers unparalleled quality, excellent air flow without choking your extraction fan. Systemair tests all Carboair filters so you can be assured it delivers what you expect without pressure drop, You can be confident the numbers claimed are accurate. They’re manufactured in Europe so G.A.S Can keep a close eye on the quality control.


Carboair Inline Carbon Filter Tech Specs:

Model Flange diameter (mm) Length (mm) Max Air Flow (m3/h)
CarboAir Inline Carbon Filter 150 150 740 900
CarboAir Inline Carbon Filter 200 200 740 1200
CarboAir Inline Carbon Filter 250 250 740 1250
CarboAir Inline Carbon Filter 315 315 740 1600


How to use:

You’ll need an Extraction fans to provide the airflow for the filter. You can connect the two with Jubilee clips or Fast Clamps, just make sure you match the sizes of all equipment so it fits together.


It’s advised to run the exhaust air out of your growing environment with the use of some reflective ductingcombi ductingacoustic ducting or Phonic Trap Ducting For the ultimate silences extraction system.


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150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 315mm


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