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120 Site Aeroponic Propagator


The X-Stream Aeroponic Propagator (120 Plant Site) is ideal for raising your seeds and cuttings.

Tank Capacity: 70L

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The X-Stream Aeroponic Propagator (120 Plant Site) is ideal for raising your seeds and cuttings. As well as reducing propagation time required, it will:

  • Provide lots of oxygen for a healthy root system and fast growth

  • Maximise nutrient uptake for healthier growth

  • Promote an optimum growing environment with its ventilated lid

  • Give you easy access to pump for your convenience.

For more information on Aeroponics, please see the Aeroponics?’ tab.

The Aeroponic Propagator (120 Plant Site) comes complete with: Propagator Tank, Propagator Lid, Delivery System, Net Pot and Neopene Collars.

System Dimension: 115.5cm(45.5″) x 63cm(25″) x 27cm(10.5″)

Tank Capacity: 70L



Aeroponics is regarded as the most effective form of propagation. This is because an aeroponic propagator provides plants’ roots with water and nutrients using a very fine mist (not a running liquid). As a result, your plants’ root zone has access to lots of oxygen, which increases nutrient uptake, and encourages fast and healthy growth. This gives your plants the best possible start in life before you move them into your main growing system.

This Aeroponic propagator

As well as cutting propagation time, this aeroponic propagator comes with added benefits. There’s a ventilated lid, which helps to promote a healthy growing environment and you have easy access to the pump for convenience and ease of use.

For best results

For best results we recommend that you do not use growing media with this system. However, to give you choice, this aeroponic propagator is compatible with most growing media. Also, if you do wish to use growing media, this aeroponic propagator will use less than conventional propagators – meaning cost savings for you.

The benefits

  • Low Maintenance

  • Quickest form of propagation

  • For use with seed or cuttings

  • Robust ventilated lid

  • Easy access to your pump

  • Compatible with most growing medium

  • Uses less growing medium than conventional methods

  • Even distribution of water/nutrient



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