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Warp Drive 600w Dimmable Ballast


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Maxibright WarpDrive 600w Electronic Ballast

The Maxibright WarpDrive 600w electronic ballast has had rigorous in-house testing and proven reliability in the field that ensures quality and reliability.

The WarpDrive is a lightweight electronic ballast (1.2kg) that emits a higher lumen output from the lamp compared to a magnetic core ballast. It features soft start technology, silent operation, offers longer lamp life and runs both high pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs.

*Recommended floor area/grow tent area: 1-1.2m x 1-1.2m x 1.8+m

**Please note: The cooling fins of this ballast will be hot to the touch in operation. We recommend hanging the ballast on a wall or placement for optimum cooling, or place the ballast on a solid flat surface.

​​WarpDrive 600w Features:

  • Soft start technology, longer lamp life
  • Silent operation
  • Flying lead IEC connection to connect any reflector
  • Runs both sodium and metal halide lamps
  • Low start-up current
  • Lower running costs
  • Light weight 1.2kgs
  • Proven reliability


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