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Osram Son-T Plus HPS Grow Lamps are High Intensity horticultural grow lamps specifically designed for the flowering/bloom phase of a plants cycle.

Each Osram Lamp is fitted with an E40 screw fitting for connection to most brands of HID reflectors and cables. These lamps can only be struck with a HID lighting ballast of the same wattage.

The Osram Son-T Plus Lamps are for use during the flowering phase of plants (once the light cycle changes to 12/12).

Son T Plus lamps can be used with analogue or digital ballasts and are generally coupled with a Metal Halide lamp for the vegetative phase of growth.

Each Osram Son T Plus Lamp produces a light that is 2100 Kelvin – Red Spectrum.

Osram 250w Son T Plus HPS Lamp – Lumen Output: 28,000

Osram 400w Son T Plus HPS Lamp – Lumen Output: 48,000

Osram 600w Son T Plus HPS Lamp – Lumen Output: 92,000

Osram 1000w Son T Plus HPS Lamp – Lumen Output: 130,000

Remember: Always take care when handling grow lamps and ensure you don’t leave fingerprints/marks on the glass.

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