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T5 Replacement Fluorescent Tubes


Replacement 2ft lamp for T5 propagation lighting.

Red Spectrum

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Replacement tubes for T5 lighting units – we stock replacement tubes in both red and blue spectrum and are available in 2ft or 4ft.

These replacement tubes for the T5 units come in both blue and red. Blue frequency lamps are designed for the propagation and grow phases and red lamps are tailored to get the best results during flower.

These high output slimline fluorescent tubes are highly energy efficient and have an average lifespan of around 16,000 hours of usable light output. The blue/white T5 Replacement Tube has a frequency of 6500K and the red has a frequency of 2700K with each delivering 4450 lumens of light.

Weight 0.5 kg
Available in

2ft 6500K BLUE, 2ft 2700K RED, 4ft 6500K BLUE, 4ft 2700K RED


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