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Sticky Fly Paper 4 Pack


This Pack of 4 Sticky Fly Papers by Insecto provide a tried and tested, non-toxic, way to capture and kill flies.

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They are lured to the attractants in the glue, get stuck and die. Amazing results can be readily seen and as soon as it gets a bit yucky, discard and replace with another one. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

Very easy to use, just fix to a wall or ceiling using a tack (included), near to where flies congregate, just pull the loop downwards slowly in a twisting motion allowing the paper to hang down freely. Keep out of reach of children. If hanging near your pet or poultry house then do make sure they are also out of reach of the pets/birds.

Flies are carriers of many pathogens; they spread viruses, breed as maggots and can transmit disease so it is very important to eradicate them from the home.

Around your henhouse, as gruesome as this sounds, they are a danger as they can ‘bite’ the hens (known as fly-strike) and inject their eggs under the skin which then quickly develop into maggots to feed on the


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