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A simple solution to grow room air movement and ventilation.
The most effective solution to get rid of hot spots and high humidity zones. Total mixing of all the air in your room can be used to effectively move the air within your grow room or attached to your intake ducting to disperse the cool intake air. Designed and made by Systemair.

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DiffuseAir efficiently mixes all the air in your grow room. DiffuseAir offers you total control over the climate of your grow room. It eliminates microclimates, high humidity zones and hot spots. Designed and made by Systemair.
DiffuseAir eliminates harsh air streams that can cause wind burn to your plants and salt accumulation in the growing media. Being ceiling hung DiffuseAir gives you more floor space for growing.

  • Aerodynamically efficient
  • Proven technology
  • Ceiling hung for more grow space
  • Improved environment = improved yields


Weight 2 kg

100mm (4") DiffuseAir, 125mm (5") DiffuseAir, 150mm (6") DiffuseAir, 200mm (8") DiffuseAir, 250mm (10") DiffuseAir


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