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4mm Cross


4mm Cross


A versatile part with multiple uses.

AutoPot 24 Pot System with 400L Flexitank


A 24 Pot Module System contains: x24 Pots, x24 Trays and Lids, x24 1 Pot Kit Bag, a Connection Kit with fittings

Auto-pot Air Dome


Auto-pot Air Dome for oxygenating the root mass, providing for explosive plant growth.

100L Slimline Water Butt


100L Water Butt for increasing the amount of nutrient available to the grow system.

4mm Inline Valve


Used to regulate or shut off nutrient flow.

4mm Top Hat Grommet


Creates secure connection to tanks and systems.

47L Autopot Reservoir with Filter


Used with Autopot and Easy2Grow systems.

Can be used for DIY irrigation systems.