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AutoPot Pot Divider


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Get more from your modules. PotDivider allows you to multiply your plant count without increasing system size. At a stroke, each of your pots is capable of holding four plants in segregated sections.

Excellent for tight-leaved varieties and for herbs, PotDivider is available in two sizes, one to fit our 8.5 L / 2.2 gal pots, the other for our 15 L / 3.9 gal pots. Both those pot sizes are compatible with our 1Pot, easy2grow, and Auto8 modules – meaning the potential number of applications is immense.

PotDivider is perfect for the pre-veg stage, and is equally effective with plants that simply don’t require the run of an entire pot. A partitioned base removes the need for a pebble layer in the bottom of the pot. When the time comes Pot Divider lifts out cleanly, bringing your nascent plants with it, making the process of removing plants and repotting an absolute cinch.


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