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1000w 400V Digilight Pro Max Dimmable Ballast


1000w 400V Digilight Pro Max Dimmable Ballast

*PLEASE NOTE: These ballasts have a specific connection for reflectors and therefore do not fit all refelectors. Please contact a member of staff for further details.

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Maxibright Digilight Pro “Max” Ballast. 1000w

Produces 10% more PAR output, now you can use 400v pro lamps indoors!

The Maxibright DigiLight Pro® Max is the latest in digital ballast technology, allowing you to power the new high PAR output 1000W 400V glasshouse system lamps, the Philips GreenPower Plus and the Sylvania Grolux 1000W 400V, in your grow room from your domestic 240V supply! This gives you 10% more PAR output per watt than a conventional HPS lamp which means you achieve more usable grow light for your plants.

One lamp, 4 power modes: 600W/800W/1000W and 1100W super power mode.

Gradual dimming/boost for lamp protection.

Surge Control® software: when multiple DigiLight Pro® Max power packs are started from the same power supply they will ignite your lamps one at a time to reduce electrical surges.

Soft start technology gently starts the lamp with a low current.

Fast lamp re-strike to limit the damage caused by unexpected interruptions such as a power cut.

Dynamic frequency control for regular ballast output when your supply fluctuates.

LED status light with diagnostic feature. LED is off at night for no disruption to plant cycle.

3 year guarantee.

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