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600w Digilight PRO Select Dimmable Digital Ballast


Energy efficient Digilight digital ballast compatible with 600W HID bulbs.

Now ajustable to 6 power settings!


250w +BOOST


400w +BOOST


600w +BOOST

In stock


Features – Super lumen setting , 6 Dimming settings, LED status indicator lights, Soft start technology, longer lamp life, Silent operation,  RF Shielded, Flying lead IEC connection.

  • Runs both sodium and metal halide lamps
  • Low start up current
  • Light weight kg 2.3kg & 3.2kg
  • End of lamp life detection and shut off circuit
  • Cool running
  • 3 year guarantee

The DigiLight Pro has variable output that gives flexibility in the operation of HID lamps:  It can run the lamp normally, it can dim the lamp and therefore run the ballast and lamp cooler.


The latest version can increase the output to 600w Super Lumens (660w) when used with a 600w lamp. 440w super lumens when used with 400w lamp and 275w super lumes when used with a 250w.

Weight 5 kg


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