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Gavita PRO 600e SE


Gavita PRO 600e SE UK Model


Control range from 50-115%

Lights more than 1 square metres with 1000 umol m-1 s-2

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Gavita PRO Line e-series complete fixtures are the new generation grow light solutions. Using high output 400volt high frequency lamps, the e-series ballasts are now capable of being remote controlled by the Gavita Master Controllers.


Benefits of the PRO Line e-series:

–          Elimination of timers and contactors

–          Elimination of in-rush currents on ballasts (ballasts wake up from standby)

–          Ultimate power control (power, time, sunrise/sunset all from a central point)

–          Safety (the Master Controllers feature auto-dim on high temps and shut down on extreme temps)

–          Plug & play

–          Flexibility (1 room with 80 ballasts or 2 rooms with 40 ballasts)

–          Completely silent

–          Low ballast operating temperature

–          Gore-Tex breather port


Not only is there ease of use and flexibility, but the advanced temperature features make the Gavita EL Controllers a real crop saver. The Master Controllers can control all e-series ballasts by boosting and dimming.



  • Input Voltage: 230V-240V (± 10%)
  • Input Current 1: 2.75A (at 100%)
  • Input Power 1: 645W (at 100%)
  • Input Current 2: 3.0A (at 110%)
  • Input Power 2: 700W (at 110%)
  • Power Factor: >0,98
  • THD: <10%
  • Input Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Input Connection: IEC C14
  • Adjustable: 300/400/500/600/660W/EXT
  • Case Temp. (°C): 75
  • Certification: CE
  • External dim: Gavita Master controller analog protocol (<11,5V)
  • External dim connector: RJ14 connector build in (6P4C)
  • Article Number: (EU) | (UK) | (CH)
  • EAN code: 8718403053203 (EU) | 8718403053227 (UK) | 8718403053234 (CH)
  • Accessories Included: User manual, power cord, 2 RJ14 controller cables and a T-splitter for plug and play installation, Gavita Pro electronic lamp, 3 years warranty
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