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Acti·Vera™ can be used for multiple improvements within organic farming. One of the main improvements is to reinforce the immune system of the plant, since it contains a great number of vitamins of vegetal origin which helps to have a healthy and strong plant in presence of possible plagues attack or diseases. A foliar application can be done during the growth and until the second week of blooming (1-2 ml per litre water for foliar usage). A nice growtip for better absorption of vitamins, amino acids and enzymes through the leaves. That is why it receives the name ‘activator’: at the time of using the recommended dosage this product will start to work for the plant, obtaining a greater flow of nutrients, boosting the immune system and providing better growth, blooming and fruit production. Acti·Vera™ simplifies nutrients crossing thanks to their enzymes (until now, 18 enzymes have been scientifically proven to be in the product!). Such enzymes work as catalysts, that is to say, they break the proteins and amino acids chain, turning these protein complexes in a more appealing and absorbable way so the plant uptakes the food rapidly and efficiently. It will process the food found in the substrate and therefore have a better nutrient absorption in the stem plant and their respective endings such as leaves, new sprout or fruit.

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