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Bio Nova Silution


Silution consists of a stabilized and bio-available form of silicic acid that has positive effects on plants

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Silicic acid will strengthen the plant and stimulate growth and flowering, particularly in greenhouses, with indoor crops, when growing in warm climates and in high infection risk conditions. Add Silution right from the start for the plant’s rooting system to grow bigger. Bigger roots take up more nutrients, which in turn allows the plant to grow better, faster and stronger, and helps the plant to resist external influences and diseases.

  • A crop that has a higher resistance against the negative impact of stress;
  • Stronger cell walls;
  • A stronger defense against plant infections and pests;
  • A stronger defense against temperature differences and/or extreme temperatures;
  • A higher quality and yield;
  • A higher dry weight content of the end product.
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