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  • Calcium-magnesium addition
  • prevents deficiency symptoms
  • optimized nutrient absorption
  • promotes growth and flower formation

With the Calcium Magnesium Supplement from Terra Aquatica your fast growing plants receive a targeted supply of these important secondary elements. Especially if you grow with very soft water or use a reverse osmosis system, your plants may not get the amounts of calcium and magnesium they need for healthy growth. However, these so-called secondary elements play a very important role in the plant’s metabolism and its optimal development.

deficiency symptoms with intensive LED lighting

Even plants that are intensively illuminated with LED Grow lamps sometimes show deficiency of calcium and/or magnesium. With the Calcium Magnesium Supplement from Terra Aquatica you can prevent these dangers and enjoy healthy growing plants and abundant yields.

High bioavailability and purity

The supplement from Terra Aquatica provides your plants with the necessary calcium and magnesium in high purity and biological resolution. Due to the good dissolution of the nutrients, even your droppers will not clog up. The Terra Aquatica Calcium Magnesium Supplement is well tolerated by almost all common plant nutrients. If you grow on coconut substrate, this Terra Aquatica supplement also ensures that the coconut fibre does not immediately claim the calcium for itself. The same applies to the swelling of coconut blocks.

Application notes:

  • The Terra Aquatica Calcium Magnesium is not suitable for combination with the Terra Aquatica products for soft water, FloraCoco or FloraNova. These products contain sufficient amounts of calcium, even when using reverse osmosis water with an EC value of 0.0.
  • Coconut fibre products from Terra Aquatica are systematically pre-rinsed and stabilised and can therefore be planted immediately after unpacking.
  • Dosage (also organic cultivation): 1.5 ml Terra Aquatica CalMag Supplement per 1 litre of irrigation water
  • Reverse osmosis: 2 ml Terra Aquatica CalMag supplement per 1 litre nutrient solution
  • coconut substrate, soil-free and soil-containing substrate mixtures, coconut blocks: 1.5 ml per litre to moisten the grow medium (until saturation), continue for two weeks
  • For very fast-growing annual species, continuous application of Terra Aquatica CalMag Supplement is recommended
  • content: calcium 4%, magnesium 1%
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