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Terra Aquatica Protect


General Hydroponics Diamond Nectar is an exclusive extract of fulvic acid, rich in organic substances and essential minerals for plants.

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For all growing methods: hydroponics and soil. Terra Aquatica Protect (GHE Bio Protect) is a growth and bloom activator. Through our research on organic stimulators we have found quite an extraordinary line of products that we are proud to offer you despite the fact that we are not their inventors. Our tests, as well as those conducted by several of our clients, are dazzling.. Essential products at the edge between plant nutrition and plant protection, the Bio Boosters are 100 % organic activators. It strengthens its immune system, and repels insects, by increasing the production of alkaloidal repulsive saps in the leaves and the flowers. It increases its defence system by laying a protective and repellent coat on the surface of the leaves. Those 2 actions complete the plant’s defence system and naturally wards off insects.


  • How to use Protect? Add Protect in your nutritive solution along with the nutrients. Follow the instructions on the labels and read the nutritive programs for each of our nutrients.
  • When to use Protect? Use Protect as a preventive, punctually, during the whole development of your plant, in soil and in hydroponics.
  • Which are the advantages of Protect?  Protect is a useful preventive which helps resist disease by increasing the immune system of the plant
  • When shall I see the results? As it is a preventive, its effects are not easily appreciated. Only those who use it know the difference when they compare with precedent experiences.
  • Why use Protect? Protect is a cost effective organic product compared to its strong concentration, the quantities needed, and the efficiency of its action.
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