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Indizono Inline Ozone Generator


Completely eliminates unwanted grow-room odours .

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Indizono presents its new range of inline ozone generators for the robust treatment of grow room odours. Thanks to its powerful ceramic plates each producing 3,500mg/h , unwanted odours are completely eliminated giving you piece of mind!

The most common use of ozone by growers is inside the ventilation ducting with a carbon filter. This gives extra insurance against unwanted odours escaping. This works great and is a belt-and-braces addition to odour control. This method is also completely safe because the ozone is immediately extracted through ventilation into the outside environment, leaving no possibility of ozone buildup inside the grow-room.

The Indizono Inline Ozone Generator.

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Replacement Ceramic Plate, 150mm / 6", 200mm / 8", 250mm / 10", 315mm / 12"


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