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Kahn Sentinel Climate Control System – 4kW


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The Kahn Sentinel is a climate control system designed to cool & heat up to 4kW (or x4 600w) lights.

Easy to install & VERY easy to use.

  1. SIMPLICITY OF INSTALLATION –With standard air conditioning systems, an engineer will need to remove air & moisture from connecting pipes using a vac pump. If they don’t, ice will form. This ice will then keep chipping away at the internal components until your system fails – probably within 10 weeks!

    To make sure this doesn’t happen, Kahn Climates have a unique built in refrigerant gas recovery system. You don’t need an engineer or any specialist tools – you can install, move or even take your units for a service by yourself.


Your system uses Azeotropic refrigerant which leads to more cooling whilst using less                  power. Overall , the COP (co-efficient of performance) is up to 6.8 which keeps running                  costs low .

Effortlessly cools a room with x4 600w lights.
✔ Silent – no noise – no vibrations
Flexible layout – compact units with flexible hose connection
Cheap to runno water needed + low power mode
✔ True auto day & night temperatures
Easy to install – no specialist tools or engineer needed!
Space saving – half the size of similar systems

Available in the following sizes –

Kahn Sentinel Climate Control System – 4kW
Up to 4 x 600W grow lights

Kahn Reaper Climate Control System – 8kW
Up to 8 x 600W grow lights

Kahn Atom Climate Control System – 12kW
Up to 12 – 14 x 600W lights 

Kahn Little Boy Climate Control System – 18kW
Up to 24 x 600W grow lights

Kahn Fat Man Climate Control System – 28kW
Up to 36 x 600W grow lights

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