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Control Freak Dynamic Frequency Fan Controller


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The Control Freak is a frequency fan controller that will silently control fan speed operation with the latest digital temperature sensing technology. Control Freak is available in 3amp, 7amp and 13amp versions and will control both extractor and intake fans very accurately.

Control Freak will run any AC fan silently with no buzzing or humming and allows you to set desired temperature, minimum speed, maximum speed and bandwidth temperature range. To achieve negative pressure when using the Control Freak fan controller you will need to have a smaller intake than extractor fan. Digital display shows operational mode, target temperature, sensor temperature, min speed, max speed, bandwidth and fan speed.

  • Completely silent fan speed operation
  • Zero humming from extractors
  • Highly accurate temperature control
  • Automatic and Manual settings
  • Easy to operate
  • Sensor with 5m of cable
  • Available in 3amp (1.5amps per socket), 7amp (3.5amps per socket) and 13amp (6.5amp per socket) versions
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Available Versions

3 Amp, 7 Amp, 13 Amp


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