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G.A.S. EC Fan Contoller


For use with Revolution Vector EC Fans

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These Digital EC Fan Controllers are designed specifically for use with the Revolution EC Vector fan range.

There are different ways of using the controller and its accessories depending on how many fans you need to control, for example:

1 Fan   – Simply connect the fan to the controller using a male to male connection lead.

2 Fans – Connect both fans to a Y splitter, then to the controller. If these fans are air and air out, use different size fans to achieve negative pressure.

2 Fans with balance control – Connect Digital EC Balancer to the fan controller and the fans to the balancer, now you are able to fine tune and optimise your fans to achieve the negative pressure you desire.

Multiple Fans – As above, then simply use Y splitters to add more fans to the air in or air out.

If you’ve got a Revolution Vector EC Fan, this is the controller you need.

This controller has a built in RTT microchip (Reactive Temperature Technology) that lets it react to sudden temperature spikes quickly, to stabilise your temperature. If there’s a small rise in temperature, your fan speed will gradually increase instead.

MUST be used with Revolution Vector EC Fans
Digital display – switches between oC and oF
Easy to use and set up
• 100 steps for smooth, linear controls
•Uses state-of-the-art RTT (Reactive Temperature Technology)
• Save on power costs

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