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The Aquaking submersible pump is a heavy-duty machine. The pumps operate by drawing liquid in through the underside and pushing it through the outlet. With self-priming float switch. This means that you can use this pump in a reservoir and the pump will not be activated until the water in that reservoir reaches a level where the float switch is lifted. This makes this type of pump ideal in the waste tank of a run to waste system. When the waste water reaches a set level it will automatically activate the pump and pump away waste water.

The Aquaking pumps are well designed durable units. These compact pumps are perfect for use in hydroponics. As well as delivering nutrient through drip lines, they also work perfectly for circulating and aerating the nutrient solution.

  • Moves vast amounts of liquid with ease.
  • Fully submersible.
  • Consistent flow and excellent reliability.
  • Highly robust with an excellent build quality.
  • Various outlet sizes for easy connection.

AquaKing Submersible Pump Q2503 5000 ltr/hr

Reliable high pressure submersible pumps

Power supply: 230V – 50Hz

Power consumption: 250w

Delivery rate max: 5000l/h

Delivery height max: 6 m

Immersion depth max: 5 m

Water temperature max: 35 degree C


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