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Hailea 500A Water Chiller


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If your nutrient solution gets too warm (over 21 degrees C) under hot lamps or during the summer months, it can decrease the amount of dissolved oxygen and also increase the risk of root diseases. Hailea Water Chillers keep nutrient temps within optimal ranges at all times, boosting oxygen levels and protecting root systems from pythium and other root diseases. They work almost exactly like mini-refrigerators, and they’re incredibly easy to set up and run.

  • Maintains nutrients temps within optimal ranges
  • Improves nutrient uptake and oxygen levels
  • Helps stop the spread of Pythium, algae and other problems caused by hot temperatures
  • Includes a highly accurate thermostat
  • Digital temperature control technology
  • Freon-free R134A refrigeration system
  • Clear digital display and auto-shutdown mode to protect motor
  • Anti-corrosive titanium evaporator
  • Low operating noise


Hailea Nutrient Chillers come in six sizes: 100A, 150A, 300A, 500A, 1000A and 2200BH

Hailea Chiller Specs

How Nutrient / Water Chillers Work

Hailea water chillers work to maximise growth and ward off root issues by keeping your nutrient solution at optimal temperatures. It keeps your solution at 18-21°C which provides your plants with improved oxygen levels to keep their roots healthy.

Nutrient solution is pumped into the chiller, cooled, then pumped into your tank which makes it super efficient. All chillers have a clear digital display, a super precise thermostat and only 3 buttons, which make them very easy to operate, giving you control over how much you chill / heat your nutrients.

These water chillers comes in tough, durable metal cases with titanium, anti-corrosive evaporators. To protect your motor, an auto-shutdown mode that shuts off the cicuit should it over overload.

The model number (e.g 150A) corresponds to the volume of water that the chiller can process at any given time. Always aim to over-spec your chiller. For example: if you’ve got a 150 litre tank, go for the 300A to give yourself some extra headroom. Check the ideal flow rates to ensure that you are using an adequate pump.

How to Use the Hailea Nutrient / Water Chiller

Position your chiller outside of the grow area if possible, as it will generate heat. Position it at least 40cm away from walls on either side.

If using a RUSH or R-DWC, you can chill the brain unit, as the water flow will quickly circulate around all the pots.

The water chiller must be cleaned after every crop to remove any mineral deposits and lime scale. Just fill the chiller with clear pickling vinegar, leave for 24 hours, and then flush it with water. Ensure that you also set up an air circulator fan near the chiller to avoid any heat build up.



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