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Aquabox Spyder Replacement Matting


Replacement/additional Capillary Matting for the AQUAbox Spyder. Please note that this product is sold in 6 metre lengths.

Aquabox Straight Replacement Matting


The straight capillary mat is designed to distribute water over an area of 1sq/m for narrow areas or growing plants in straight

AQUAvalve cover


Helps protect the Aquavalve from accidental damage.

Aquavalve Replacement Silicon (10 Pack)


The AQUAvalve silicones are inserted into the recesses in the top and bottom floats of the aqua valve. There is only one

AutoPot Air Base Square


Give your plants a lift with AirBase. This handy plate fits into the bottom of your pot during set up and allows

Autopot AirBase Round


Give your plants a lift with AirBase. This handy plate fits into the bottom of your pot during set up and allows

Autopot AQUAbox Spyder


The new AQUAbox Spyder offers a revolutionary self watering solution for (Grow Your Own enthusiasts). No mains water supply, pumps or timers

Autopot AQUAbox Straight


The AQUAbox Straight is the perfect watering System for raised beds, large planters, grow bags and allotments. The AQUAbox Straight can be used

Autopot AQUAvalve 5


Choose AQUAvalve5 for 9mm pipe and fittings Choose AQUAvalve to replace older, pre-August 2020 AQUAvalves with 6mm pipe and fittings Power-Free Once

AutoPot Pot Divider


Get more from your modules. PotDivider allows you to multiply your plant count without increasing system size. At a stroke, each of

Autopot XL FlexiPot 20L


The benefits of growing in SmartPots are, put simply: Bigger, Faster, Smarter plants.

Kool Tube Pipe


Kool Tube pipe lowers the temperature of the nutrient solution in your system using a simple but effective dual-core design. A white outer layer reflects light and lowers heat levels within the pipe, while the black inner layer protects against UV. This has a profound effect on the overall temperature of your nutrients.

4mm Cross


4mm Cross


A versatile part with multiple uses.

Auto-pot Air Dome


Auto-pot Air Dome for oxygenating the root mass, providing for explosive plant growth.

100L Slimline Water Butt


100L Water Butt for increasing the amount of nutrient available to the grow system.

4mm Inline Valve


Used to regulate or shut off nutrient flow.

4mm Top Hat Grommet


Creates secure connection to tanks and systems.

47L Autopot Reservoir with Filter


Used with Autopot and Easy2Grow systems.

Can be used for DIY irrigation systems.